Month: May 2018

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review

Street Fighter, the name alone garners respect amongst video game enthusiasts. For many, Street Fighter 2 was their first foray into fighting games, bursting onto home consoles in the early 90’s and birthing millions of deep seeded sibling rivalries for decades to come. Like million of others, I revelled in the 1 on 1 competitiveness of these titles in which gameplay knowledge and execution were the only real secrets to victory. Unfortunately, due to where I grew up, I was never really able to immerse myself in the fighting game genre the way that I wanted; Huddled around cabinets...

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Super Hype Train Ep46 – Cinema Rosa

This week the team is joined by Joshua Krook to talk about his beautiful indie title, Cinema Rosa. We discuss the troubles of making the game in Australia, not adding too much to your game and the beauty of a forgotten era. Cinema Rosa is a narrative driven, puzzle and exploration game that is perfect for an intense VR experience or on PC and hopefully switch.

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Locked On: A Tom Clancy Podcast Ep33 – Uber Timmeh drops by for a chat

We get to talk to yet another Ubisoft Star player on the run up to E3 2018 and the unveiling of The Division 2. We have the supremely talented Uber Timmeh, Australias only Ubisoft Star Player drop by and have a chat about everything from charity streams, to the division, being bad at Rainbow 6 and how he became such an important part of the Skill up team. join our USM discord at for a chat or join us for some games.

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