Month: December 2017

Super Hype Train Ep28 – Chroma Shift

This week the team chat with James from Dev or Die Studios about their upcoming title Chroma Shift and more chat about the amazing Aussie indie dev scene. This is our last episode of the year so we reflect on how the podcast has changed and the future of the show. Thank you all and have a great Christmas and New year.

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Super Hype Train Ep27 – Spryke

This week the team talked to Dave, the main man behind the upcoming platformer designed in the spirit of Super meat boy and with an amazing soundtrack and a beautiful world. This game is Spryke and you really need to start following this title if you are a fan of Super Meat boy and looking for more games like this.

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The Mega Cast #67: Not Episode 66

The team sit in their respective saunas while they discuss all the crazy shit going on in the world of games. Wilko and Perko have been running adventurer taverns, and Josh tells us about his time with the Switch’s latest JRPG.

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