Month: November 2017

PAX Aus 2017 – Another Indie Interview

During my second ever day at PAX Aus, I spent some more time down in the PAX Rising area with the Indie Dev’s. My first meeting for the day was with a great little outfit called Another Indie, and their Marketing Director Iain Garner. Another Indie were showcasing three games at PAX Aus this year, and Iain and I discussed all three. Josh: So here I am, Day 2 of PAX, back down in the PAX Rising area. I am standing here with Iain from Another Indie to talk about the three titles they are showing this weekend. Iain...

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PAX Aus 2017 – Spryke Interview

One of the many Indie titles I was lucky enough to check out at PAX Aus 2017 was Spryke, a fast-paced platformer. I spent some time with Dave Bleja from Volnaiskra and had a chat with him about the game on the show floor. Josh: So look, I’m here at PAX in the PAX Rising area and I’m with Dave from Volnaiskra to talk about Spryke, the new game they are showcasing here. Dave, how are you mate? Dave: I’m great, thanks Josh. Josh: Good to hear. How has the morning been going for you so far? Dave: It’s...

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