Month: November 2017

The Mega Cast #66: Dylan Walker interview

This week the team is joined by the amazing Dylan Walker from Onerat Games to chat about Game development in Australia and his upcoming title, Elden: Path of the forgotten. We also spend time talking about loot creates once again and the whole EA saga. Also the new Destiny 2 problems and a whole heap more gaming news!

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Super Hype Train Ep25 – West of Loathing

This week Josh and Wilko tackle the comedy RPG that uses beautiful stick figure characters to tell this funny story, West of Loathing. From the same team that brought you Kingdom of Loathing, this amazing Australian Indie game will leave you laughing out loud all the way through. Hear what the team has to say about the game and why you should check it out.

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Super Hype Train Ep24 – Damsel

This week the team talked to Anthony Wood and Miss Megss from Screwtape Studios about Damsel, the hot dark Disney style platformer and shooter that these amazing Australians are making. Learn about their thoughts on the Australian Indie scene and what it is like taking a game to PAX Aus.

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