Month: October 2017

PAX Aus 2017 Preview

It really is that time of year again. PAX Aus is about to happen for 2017 and this year is building up as the biggest one to date, for me anyway, but overall they seem to be cramming more into everything. If you are travelling to the event or a local that is just going to drop into PAX for a look it is always a great idea to plan what it is you would like to do while you are here. For those travelling to the event, this is extremely important as you do want to make the...

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The Mega Cast #61: PAXPAXPAXPAX

The USM boys are going to PAX! This week we discuss what we plan to do there, who we’re excited to see and what you can expect from us. Perko also boasts about schooling some of his hometown friends in Marvel Vs Capcom, and Wilko begs the boys to talk about micro transactions for half an hour.

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Five things you must do at PAX Aus 2017

PAX Aus is approaching so fast at the moment and for those who have been there before they probably have everything planned out and know exactly what to expect when the event launches on October 27 and finishes on the 29th. It can be an absolutely amazing experience for anyone attending the event, but for first-timers, it is something a little bit more special. I still remember my first year and the crazy adventure I had that weekend. Below I am just going to list my top five things that you really need to do while you are at...

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