With such a huge showing of indie developers at this year’s PAX Australia, I went into the show not really knowing what to expect. I had my eye on a couple of titles but most were unknown quantities going in. I had not played Kingdom of Loathing from Asymmetric Productions so when the email came through to say they had a new game, West of Loathing, to show on the show floor I didn’t know what I would get from this game about stick figured cowboys.


It was pitched to me as a comedy RPG set in the west where you leave the family behind in search of untold fortunes. West of Loathing is out on Steam at the moment and is releasing on the iOS stores and consoles soon. I got to play the game on Ipad and the first thing I noticed about it was just how smooth the touch controls where. You can simply touch an item anywhere and your character will go to it and interact with it very seamlessly. The other thing that jumped out at was the shadows in the game. Even though the graphics are minimalist the team didn’t hold back on the shadow work, they are simply amazing. Overall, the game just plays well and looks a treat which helps you focus on the hilarious story.

I only got ten minutes with the game but in that time the story had already dragged me in and I had laughed out loud several times. The combat that I encountered in my playthrough had me shooting the bad guy and the whipping him with a poisonous snake which did leave him with a poison effect for the following turns. The turn-based nature of the combat played really well and complemented the game perfectly. The game seems to have some really good systems to keep any RPG fan happy and interested for many hours of gameplay.


For those looking for a good little RPG fix or something that will truly make them laugh this is a game, you need to check out. As with a lot of RPG’s West of Loathing is text heavy at times and comes with options at every turn to help you play through the game in your personal style. West of Loathing is $11 USD on steam which provides great value considering the game comes packed with over 60 hats and a drunken horse. I would also like to thank Zack Johnson, the game’s Creative Director, for taking the time to answer my questions and showing me through the game.

If you want to know more about West of Loathing then go and visit their website or follow Asymmetric on Twitter. Or go buy the game on the steam store now.