Another of the PAX Indie Showcase titles is Projection, which is possibly the most unique style of game I have seen before. The art style for starters is the best example of picking a theme for your game and going all in on it. Shadowplay Studios have created a world based around the lost art of Shadow Theatre, which is amazing in itself and helps it stand out from the crowd but the level of detail that they have put into this design is breathtaking. As your character moves around the level the backgrounds are even pulled down and placed back up in the background to give you the feeling of a real Shadow Theatre.


The mechanics are fairly simple in the game but require a lot of depth to truly use them to their fullest. In Projection, you control both the source of light and the character. This was a bit of a learning curve but once you had these controls down it became a joy to manipulate the world the way you needed it. The idea is as you control the light source you create different shadows in the game which your character can jump on. This mechanic really makes it unique as the player needs to create their own platforms to get around this platformer.

I touched on the style at the top of the story but the art and sound really deserve more love than that. I got to talk to Yosha, the games Artist, and it was clear to me that he just loved creating the art for this world and that passion shows through. The way the light interacts with the level is extremely impressive but the emotion that comes through is a real work of art. Once again Projection relies on its art and sound to convey the story to the player and it is done seamlessly. When the demo ended I really just wanted to be in that world, the story was intriguing but the world they have created had me wanting more.


The best part was the fact that the game idea came to Michael, Projections Designer after he loved making shadows on his wall from the low hanging light in his room. Then at a game Jam he used that idea and made it into a game, such a simple idea that could have been lost has turned into such a stunning looking game. At this stage, the game is aiming to be released in 2017 for PC/Mac and hopefully to consoles later. Projection is a game that you do need to experience for its visuals and gameplay so go follow these guys and keep up to date with the game so you don’t miss out on this lovely world when it does release.

Keep up to date with the game through their website, twitter, facebook and youtube accounts.