Month: September 2017

NBA 2k18 Review

**DISCLAIMER: I received a review copy of NBA 2k18. I did not pay for my own copy** It’s difficult being an NBA fan in Australia. Everything is so fucking expensive. Official merchandise is insanely priced and even if you were able to afford the exorbitantly priced NBA League pass ($300 AUD for the season?!) which simply gives you access to watch the games; Then all the games are on in the middle of the day, when people are busy working so that they can pay off the fucking league pass subscription. So for a lot of people (like me),...

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Ruiner Review

Disclaimer: We were lucky enough to be given a key for the purpose of this review. I feel like I’m being targeted. Another title that ticks a bunch of stylistic boxes that I really like has been waved under my nose. Saturated neon lighting, retro-esque synth soundtrack and cyberpunk as shit. In Ruiner, the main character suffers from a brain hacking episode and is tasked with killing THE BOSS but of course nothing is that easy. You might have been led to believe the gameplay is pretty simple, a fairly straightforward twin-stick shooter, but as you unlock more of...

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