Man, what a crazy June! We hope you all enjoyed the E3 announcements, trailers and news as much as we did!
After such a big June, July is a pretty quiet month, with only a few releases hitting us before the onslaught later in the year.
Check out our thoughts on this month’s releases below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

The Games

Fable Fortune – Tuesday, 11th of July (Xbone Digital, PC)

Ummm……No – Peter Wilkinson

A new CCG set in the Fable universe. I’m unsure as to who this would be aimed at to be honest. And I don’t see it doing very well. – Mathew Perkins

Just give me a god damn new Fable RPG, not this horrible excuse for a game – Josh Perkins

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – Tuesday, 11th of July (PS4)

I never played this when it originally came out. My brother has since advised me that this was a mistake. I plan to rectify this with this release – Josh Perkins

Probably one of my favourite Final Fantasy games which actually started to introduce some new mechanics into the games with the Gambit system. This could have lead to the anti-game that was 13 but I like to think that the politically charged story led the dev team to focus less on any particular character *cough* Lightning *cough* which meant they had to actually make the game fun to play. Lots of extra content outside of the story as you probably expect in Final Fantasy games by now. – Joey Hedrick

Maybe the last ‘great’ Final Fantasy game. FF12 was plagued by the same problems that faced ffIX, a really, really, shitty release. The game was dropped on the PS2, right as the PS3 was being released, and as such, many people (like myself) didn’t get a chance to give the game the time it deserved. I am pretty keen for this remake to come out though. As I fully intend to right that wrong. – Mathew Perkins

The End Is Nigh – Thursday, 13th of July (PC)

In a change of tact for Edmund of Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy fame, he’s actually decided to tell us about a game just before it will be released instead of years in advance which typically leads to disappointment as some projects just don’t get finished. The End Is Nigh looks to be a solid open world platformer with a control scheme similar to Super Meat Boy and littered with secrets as is usually the case in his games. Worth a look. – Joey Hedrick

I have too many games to play. And I suppose this one is just going to be added to the list. Edmund is known for creating interesting, challenging platformers that are better described as time-sinks than videogames. I’m really excited to see this in action. – Mathew Perkins

Splatoon 2 – Friday, 21st of July (Switch)

I never played the first Splatoon on the WiiU. I may play this one – Josh Perkins

I just can’t get into this series and I still don’t understand why it gets the number 2 added to it. This is a hard miss for me. – Peter Wilkinson

If I had a switch I would probably pick this up to play, I don’t have a switch though. So.. y’know. – Mathew Perkins

Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Collection – Friday, 21st of July (Switch)

I recently picked up Minecraft for the first time on the Switch and have enjoyed playing it. Sadly, my wife also enjoys playing Minecraft on the Switch. As such, I no longer have a Switch and need to buy a new console. All jokes aside, as enjoyable as I am finding Minecraft, i’m not sure I will pick up a copy of the story mode – Josh Perkins

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star – Tuesday, 25th of July (Switch Digital Release)

I watched one of the Fate animes. I think it was Fate/Stay Night? Anyways, that anime was good, until I started to dig deeper and found all the other Fate timelines and stories and now I am just confused – Josh Perkins

Pyre – Tuesday, 25th of July (PC, PS4)

A team based RPG from the makers of Bastion and Transistor with battles set on arena like fields from what I can tell. I’m interested to see how the actual game play goes because the trailers we’ve seen so far don’t really give me enough to go on, personally. Typical of Supergiant Games titles though, the art is gorgeous and the atmosphere is dense. – Joey Hedrick

Super Cloudbuilt – Summer, 2017 (PS4, XBone, PC)

This is nestled in the middle of the July releases but hasn’t got a hard date. It’s a remaster of Cloudbuilt which was released a couple of years ago and was a lot of fun. The movement is somewhere between a 3D Sonic game, Vanquish and Titanfall. Lots of challenge and a unique art style to boot. – Joey Hedrick

Nidhogg 2 – Summer, 2017 (PC, PS4)

The first game is so simple yet so entertaining. Pointy end goes in other man, then race to the edge of the level and jump into a giant flying worms mouth to win! Great drinking game as well as being just all round fun. The sequel has an updated art style, new levels and extra weapons and attacks. I’m not entirely on board with the art but everything else has me interested. – Joey Hedrick

Simple concept, hours upon hours of couch co-op fun. Mix with drinks for a devastatingly effective hangover. – Mathew Perkins