Month: May 2017

May Outlook 2017

Holy Hell, it’s May already. Where has this year gone? It feels like only last week that we were gearing up for a massive March, and now we are almost halfway through the year! With E3 just around the corner in June, May is a bit of a slower month for releases. With that said, there are still some gems hitting us this month. Check out our thoughts below! The Games Prey – Friday, 5th of May (PS4, XBone, PC) I want this game. It looks like amazing fun. – Josh Perkins Super keen for this game. Looks really...

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STRAFE Preview

Disclaimer: We were given access to an early build for preview purposes by the developers. We’re not out of the woods yet when it comes to retro shooters, not that I’m complaining. We’ve got Quake Champions on the way, Unreal Tournament still under development and free to boot. On top of that we’ve got indy devs who are happy to add to the nostalgia trip in their own special way. Enter STRAFE by Pixel Titans, a procedurally generated shooter in the style of the original Doom and Quake but with a much lighter tone, albeit just as gorey. Perhaps...

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The Mega Cast#41: High School Broadway

This week we are lucky enough to have Nick from Earthwork Games on to talk about their hit physics based, fort combat game aptly titled, Forts! We also talk about Darksiders 3, Persona 5 (Again), Strafe, Dawn of War 3 and a bunch of other cool shit that is coming out over the coming months!

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The 5th Brisbane Video Game and Pop Culture Markets

Growth, is good. It helps to define us as people and impacts everything around us. Seeing something you love, grow and mature, is an incredibly special experience that, despite its occasional bumps and the odd veer off the proverbial road, is as rewarding as it can be challenging. To say that I am pleased to see this incredible little market heading down its own road of growth is an understatement. Walking up to Shady Palms on Sunday and seeing the large group of people slowly shuffling their way around the myriad of retro gold brought a smile to my...

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