The wait is over to see exactly what Destiny 2 will be all about when it launches on the 8th of September, 2017. In the early hours of the morning Bungie, alongside Activision, presented Destiny 2 live to a packed audience and across the internet for the rest of the world. Over the hour-long presentation, a lot of info was announced about the new game but we now have many more questions that need to be answered before launch. This is the way a good Reveal should be though, I want some mystery in my new games, I just hope this is the way they treat the rest of the pre-release media for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 will include improvements to so many areas of the game that you already know and love. You will be getting more story missions than ever before, more cinematics than has ever been done and the maps will be so much larger and denser than the original game. New strikes as expected, they kept referencing new nightfalls and obviously, we will get a new raid with Destiny 2. Your Guardians will be equipped with new supers, Dawnblade, Sentinel and Arcstrike, along with an all new way to equip weapons with primary, secondary and heavy making way for kinetic, energy and power. Crucible will be getting new UI to help you better understand your enemies, new maps and one confirmed new mode in “Countdown”, an attack and defend style mode. All of this will help make the game feel familiar but exciting all at the same time.

Returning to Orbit always seemed like such a waste of time and energy in the original Destiny. Obviously, it was a way for the consoles to handle loading screens. One of the main memories of the original Destiny was making sure everyone had done what they needed to do before we returned to orbit or waiting for the leader to remember to press the confirm button to go from orbit to a mission. This is no more in Destiny 2! The new map system will let you explore the world the way you want to and you can jump straight to the places you want to go to without returning to orbit in Destiny 2. Also, you will no longer need a destiny event tracker to find out when things are going on in the world, events will be displayed on your map as they happen and you will be able to use filters to find the activity you really want.


There will be four new maps coming with Destiny 2, the European dead zone of Earth, Titan, Nessus and IO. All these new areas have their own unique look and feel, including Titian which has no land mass at all, so you will be on giant platforms above a large ocean with forty foot waves. In these new areas, we will get to track down some amazing loot in a new activity called Lost Sectors. These locations will be given to you by characters in the game and will see you descending down “Dungeon” like areas to battle a boss at the end. A lot more needs to be said about this activity in the game but this is one of the more exciting parts of the game for me. The potential is there for Diablo 3 style, semi-procedurally generated areas to make for far more replayability. This is just a hope from me and in no way confirmed so let’s see what comes of this activity over the coming months.

A long asked for feature in Destiny has always been that the clan system that previously was only on the website be brought into the game. With Destiny 2 this is now a reality. You will have access to in-game rosters and other tools to help make playing with your clan mates a very simple task. You will be able to customise your clans with custom banners and Bungie is bringing in a reward system for clans that any member can contribute too, no matter how many hours you put into the game a week. Alongside the clan implementation is a system be called “Guided Games” where your group that may be one or two short for a raid can open that party up to solo players that might want to help out. This will help solo players be able to access the activities that were once previously only accessible to well-organised groups. This feature is exciting but without proper curation tools has the potential to lead to bad experiences too. We need far more information on this feature before launch.


The final announcement from the show was left to the new PC community that gets to enter the game with the launch of Destiny 2. The PC version of Destiny 2 will be exclusively sold through, Blizzard’s own PC platform where you need to go to play games like Overwatch, Diablo, Starcraft and Hearthstone. This will give Destiny 2 PC players access to the full tools available to you on users. This is smart for Activision because Blizzard has been dealing with the PC community for many years now and it has the systems in place already to deal with a large and activity community. Since the live stream we have had confirmation from Luke Smith that the PC version of the game has not got a locked in 8th of September release date at the moment, more on that topic will be announced in the coming weeks, let’s just hope it isn’t too big a delay, if at all, as this will be a bad start or the PC version.

So that is a summary of the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal. The presentation definitely has me excited for the upcoming title and gave me some amazing moments as I sat there and watched it in the early hours of the morning. Little nods to the community in the gameplay like sweeper bot still cleaning the tower as it is going down, to all the characters you know and love fighting by your side as you defend the tower, all had me hooked right in. However, will we be able to save across all platforms, can I rate my experience on the Guided games system, how much grind will I be doing and will I be playing in ranked playlists in the crucible are all questions that need to be answered before launch. I can’t wait to get these answers and the many more answers we will get to questions we didn’t even know we needed to ask. This will be a fun ride to get to the 8th of September, so buckle in and enjoy.