Month: May 2017

Locked On: A Tom Clancy Podcast Ep 10 – Don’t Push that button

On this week’s episode, we welcome Whip to the team as well as talk about the road map for Ghost Recon Wildlands and how you are going to be more productive while matchmaking in Rainbow Six Siege. Also, we discuss how good it is to have load outs in the Division finally and who really is the worst driver in the game. Learn some tactics in Ghost Recon Wildlands and there are Yeti’s in the mountains, chairs in the salt flats and funny buttons you just shouldn’t press, or should you? Enjoy and share us with your friends.

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Destiny 2 Gameplay reveal

The wait is over to see exactly what Destiny 2 will be all about when it launches on the 8th of September, 2017. In the early hours of the morning Bungie, alongside Activision, presented Destiny 2 live to a packed audience and across the internet for the rest of the world. Over the hour-long presentation, a lot of info was announced about the new game but we now have many more questions that need to be answered before launch. This is the way a good Reveal should be though, I want some mystery in my new games, I just...

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