Month: April 2017

The Mega Cast #39: That’s not how lightning works!?

This week we talk Persona 5! (Again!), Drawn to Death, Strafe, Forts and discuss life in general. Perko condemns random chance crates, Joey finally comes to terms with his Path of Exile addiction, Huddo talks for about 8 seconds and Wilko announces his favourite game of all time. (It’s hilarious, trust us)

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

I really enjoyed the original Mass Effect Trilogy. Each game had a rich story, memorable characters and some damn nifty game. I remember the first time I saw the Citadel and met the Asari, Salarians and Turians and thought ‘Damn, I wish this was real!’ Then, as each game was released and your major choices carried over the the sequel, with the consequences of that choice plain to see, my enjoyment of the series just grew and grew. I began to really agonize over each decision, wondering how it would affect my universe. So, to say I was excited...

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