Month: March 2017

Pokemon Duel Review

Here it is on a Saturday night while the For Honor beta is on, I have Resident Evil, The Witness and Stardew Valley to play amongst other titles and all I can do is think about a silly free to play mobile game. Pokemon Duel released on Wednesday the 25th of January after nearly a year in the wild over in Japan. There was no build up to this release, no warning it was coming, it was just one of those magical times that something big was not on the app store and then there it was. I love...

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The Mega Cast #34: UltraSaltyMega

This week we get all salty about everything good happening in gaming. We hate on the Switch, Overwatch, Amazon Game Studios, Microsoft and the newly announced Avatar game. If you are having a fantastic time with video games, then episode 34 will change that.

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March Outlook 2017

Holy hell. Man, March is a massive month of releases! I mean, really, really massive. I could easily spend a sneaky grand on everything coming out this month. If i was allowed to, that is. There are a lot of big releases that the team at USM have been waiting to get there hands on for a long time. So without further waffle, let’s get into the nitty gritty! As always, don’t forget to leave us your thoughts on this massive month in the comments below! The Consoles Nintendo Switch – Friday, 3rd of March Wow. The Switch is...

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