Month: February 2017

The Mega PokeCast ep22: Love is in the air

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Duel both have special events on right now, we discuss the valentines day event in Pokemon go and the flying gym cup in Pokemon duel. Also, we chat about a new turf war that has broken out over Pokemon Go and the sad news of the best Kiwi Pokemon hunter in the land walking away from the game in style

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The Megacast: Episode 30 – Perko down

This week we forge ahead without Perko, it was hard but we survived. We chat about Jack huddo’s experience at RTX, what he thought of Nintendo Switch and a whole lot of gaming news. We also chat about the upcoming AGPN meetup in Brisbane and the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta weekend.

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Diluvion Review

Disclaimer: We were given a copy of this game for review purposes by a PR company on behalf of the developers. I first laid eyes on this imagery what must have been years ago now. It comes up every now and then when people long for a good deep sea game. Who’d have thought that within a year of writing for UltraSuperMega, deliverance in the form of the game itself, has come. But is it all that I hoped for? The setup is almost perfect. Mankind has been swept from the surface by flooding as punishment from the gods...

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