Month: February 2017

Digimon World: Next Order Review

I remember when I first saw Digimon in my childhood. I thought it was amazing. I mean, the first time I saw Agumon digivolve into Greymon, it was so cool! I think I even enjoyed it more than Pokemon, really. Then the whole tamagotchi/digidevice thing happened, and you could fight each other on the street. Man, those were the days. I think my Digimon was the first ‘pet’ I tried to raise myself actually. Eventually, the craze kind of died out of mainstream western media, and my mind went on to other things. Then late last year, I saw...

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The Megacast: Episode 30 – Perko down

This week we forge ahead without Perko, it was hard but we survived. We chat about Jack huddo’s experience at RTX, what he thought of Nintendo Switch and a whole lot of gaming news. We also chat about the upcoming AGPN meetup in Brisbane and the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta weekend.

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