One Month Down, only Eleven to go! Welcome to February.

As the shortest month of the year, I am actually pleasantly surprised by the amount of releases this month. It will be interesting to see how well some of these games perform in the market.

So here we are, with the February Outlook. Let us know your thoughts on the releases in the comment below!

The Games

Diluvion – Friday, 3rd of February (PC)

Many moons ago I saw this. It has been the centre of my ideals for deep sea games since seeing it. Somehow the development for this title went under the sonar (hur hur) and now it’s ready for release. I’ve got a review coming up as well so stay tuned. – Joey Hedrick

This game oozes atmosphere. I’ve been lucky enough to have a chance to play it over the past few weeks and this is a game you should be excited about. – Mathew Perkins

Nioh – Wednesday, 8th of February (PS4)

So I have played both demos and I am still unsure if I actually like the game or not. The gameplay is sound, graphics are fine, but nothing just stands out for me. Well once the game is released maybe I’ll pick it up and see if it keeps my interest. – Mitchell Townley

This is one game coming out this year that makes me want a PS4. I miss titles like Onimusha and the Souls series never really grabbed my attention like I hoped it would. This seems to be a cross between the two with some extra flair. – Joey Hedrick

I’ve been waiting on this game for a while. I chose not to play the demo as I didn’t want to spoil the experience. Definitely a game I’ll be picking up. – Mathew Perkins

For Honor – Tuesday, 14th of February (PS4, XBone, PC)

I was lucky enough to be involved in the latest closed Beta for this game and had an absolute blast. Really looking forward to sinking some time into this after release – Josh Perkins

Knights, Samurai and Vikings, what’s not to love. But seriously, visually the game looks good, gameplay looks solid and well multiplayer also looks damn polished. Cannot wait to try the game.  – Mitchell Townley

The build up to this game feels like it has been a long one. I have always felt the idea behind this game would be better then the game itself. Everyone who has played it has raves about it and playing with friends will probably be awesome. It just has not grabbed me as yet. We will see if the upcoming beta helps or this becomes a game that passes me by. – Peter Wilkinson

After playing the beta, I was left a little disappointed. The combat is complex and cumbersome, the staying power of the title is lacking (for me), and a lack of varied gameplay options means that unfortunately, I can’t see this being a day 1 purchase. – Mathew Perkins

Sniper Elite 4 – Tuesday, 14th of February (PS4, XBone)

My wife really enjoyed Sniper Elite 3, and so did I. It was a really fun game, and I found I enjoyed a lot of the stealth mechanics. Sadly, the gimmick of seeing the bullet punch through the enemy’s body in slow motion wore thin. There is only so many times you can pull off a testicle shot and laugh, after all. With that said, I will be looking to pick this game up and sink some of my valuable time into it – Josh Perkins

Never played a Sniper Elite game but they always sit on my steam wishlist and I just decide against it every time. It should be a game I love but the series has always been too focused for my liking. Will wait and see what people say about it before it hits my wishlist this time around. – Peter Wilkinson

The x-ray mechanic of seeing a bullet pass through someone’s skull never gets old. Bring on the bullet penetration! – Mathew Perkins

Deformers – Tuesday, 14th of February (PS4, XBone)

I have absolutely no idea what this game is, or what it is about. But the cover art for the box is bright, colourful and wacky. I think I want it – Josh Perkins

Dragon Ball Fusions – Friday, 17th of February (3DS)

Now this is no Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, but looks like a hell of a lot of fun messing around with some strange fusions. Like Krillin x Piccolo or Broly x Vegeta, ahh the possibilities. – Mitchell Townley

The Walking Dead Telltale Series: A New Frontier – Wednesday, 15th of February (PS4, XBone)

Eh. I’m not fussed on this. Whether that’s because it’s a Telltale Game, or I am just sick of the Walking Dead Franchise, I don’t have the energy to care enough to find out – Josh Perkins

Fact, Telltale have released 167,934 games in the last 3 seconds. All based on popular licensed franchises. Jokes aside though, I stopped playing these games a while ago, and with everything I have seen of the last few Telltale releases, won’t be coming back for a while. – Mathew Perkins

Halo Wars 2 – Friday, 17th of February (XBone)

February really seems like it should be my month. I love RTS games and I need something to get the dust off my Xbox One. Once again though I have not felt one bit of excitement for this game at all. Everything I have heard is that this is a great game, I really believe it will be so if you’re into RTS then you should really look at grabbing this game. If your a Halo fan then I would even consider getting it just for the story the cutscenes will give you as they are usually really high quality. Probably my pick of the month. – Peter Wilkinson

What could be better than playing an RTS without a keyboard and mouse? – Joey Hedrick

By all account the first Halo Wars is pretty highly regarded? Which is weird, considering RTS and consoles seems like it should be a burning pile of hot trash. But hey, it’s Halo. And Halo sells, whether it is hot trash or not. – Mathew Perkins

LEGO Worlds – Wednesday, 22nd of February (PS4, XBone)

The Lego games are incredibly solid experiences. However I feel as though they suffer a little from the ‘played one, played them all’ syndrome. And as such, I doubt I’ll be picking this up. – Mathew Perkins

Torment: Tides of Numenera – Tuesday, 28th February (PC)

The thematic successor to one of the best CRPG’s, Planescape: Torment. I have been waiting for a decent isometric RPG (it has been in early access but I’ve been waiting on a full release before I play it) since Pillars of Eternity came out a couple years back. – Mitchell Townley

The Hardware

HyperX Cloud Revolver – Mid February 2017

HyperX Continues to impress me with the hardware they release and these headphones are no exception. Boasting a ‘Plug and Play’ dongle that adds 7.1 surround sound, an Electret condenser microphone and Memory Foam earmuffs, this is a headset I could definitely see myself wearing during one of my late night gaming sessions. A little worried about the pricetag, but hey, quality ain’t cheap, people. – Mathew Perkins

The Movies

The Great Wall – Thursday, February 16th of February

Only just starting to pay attention to this movie. Matt Damon still sticks out in the movie way too much and we need to get to a point when overseas set movies don’t need an American actor to sell it. The idea behind the movie look good and it does look big budget action. It is not what I expected from a movie about The Great Wall but I may just see this movie as I am curious as to how it is. – Peter Wilkinson

T2: Trainspotting – Thursday, 23rd of February

I love the first Trainspotting. But I think everyone does? T2 was a surprise, because I guess I don’t really feel like it needs to exist. Which worries me a little, because it doesn’t really feel like it needs to exist….BUT, I hold out hope that it finds a reason to. – Mathew Perkins