Month: November 2016

The Mega Cast: Episode 23

We are back! Perko has moved house and is now on NBN! Huddo has reached 1000 followers on Twitch and Wilko unveils a new Ultra Super Mega Podcast! There is Marvel Vs Capcom 4 discussion, No Man’s Sky update news and a whole shitload of games that have been played to talk about.

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The 4th Brisbane Video Game and Pop Culture Markets

Walking into the 4th Brisbane Video Game and Pop Culture Market, I was expecting to see a lot of cool retro consoles and games. Pretty safe to say I was not disappointed (as you can see from the image gallery directly below). From ‘modded’ Xbox consoles, to Hori Fight Sticks, Comics, Artwork and Famicom games, I even picked up an NTSC Battlezone cart for a Nintendo 64 which I don’t yet have in my collection. What I truly did not expect to find however, was a small group of passionate, interesting, friendly and really chill people, that are the...

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Scuf Controller Preview

The first booth I headed for on the Friday morning of PAX Aus in our media hour was the Astro Gaming booth. Astro Gaming announced they were going to have the Scuf controllers on display for everyone to try before Bluemouth Interactive started importing them into Australia on the 18th of November. These are not just an extra controller you should grab to play some multiplayer. Scuf controllers are used by the elite players on both consoles. Scuf controllers are designed from top to bottom to give the player more control while they play their favourite game. Let’s start...

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The Mega Cast: Episode 22

Perko is back from the dead to discuss World of Final Fantasy and get schooled on the awesomeness that is Steep! The dudes talk about Hideo Kojima making his was to Australia and the new Minecraft patch that gave Huddo a boner.

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Party Golf Review

Party Golf has just released on Steam and has been out on PlayStation 4 for the last month. It was developed by Giant Margarita, a small studio working out of Hobart. It is the first Playstation 4 game released from Tasmania. The small group of six has developed a mobile game called “Save the Teenies” but this is their first adventure into the console market. Let’s get one thing out of the way from the start, this may be a golf game but the lead programmer, Lindsey Wells, freely admits he knows nothing about golf. This should give you...

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