Month: September 2016

The Mega PokeCast ep10: He Caught them all

This week we get Jayden on the Podcast. Jayden has completed the Pokedex for everything you can currently get in New Zealand. He explains to us ho and why he was able to get this done and gives us an insight into what the game is like once you have achieved this amazing task

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The Mega Cast: Episode 14

We were lucky enough to head to Oz Comic Con as official media! So this week on the Mega Cast, we chat to both Ksenia Solo and Devon Murray about their respective roles and what life is like being massive movie and TV stars. The usual dudes also talk about the Destiny expansion, the server issues plaguing release, and chat about a bunch of upcoming games.

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Brisbane Oz Comic Con 2016

“How can you not love this place?” I thought to myself as I awkwardly shuffled my way through the crowded aisle, not 2 metres away from a replica Nimbus 2000 and even closer, to what looked to be a very interesting conversation between Spiderman and a Stormtrooper. Just as I finished purchasing a replica of Severus Snape’s wand for my beautiful partner, I noticed a Tracer making her way, rather hastily through the crowd out of the corner of my eye. “Hey Tracer! Can I get a photo?” I beamed “Sure!” She said and smiled happily, striking a pose...

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