Month: August 2016

The Mega Pokecast Ep4: Josh becomes a man!

In the latest episode we talk about the new update and what you can expect from it. Also we discuss the decision for Iran to ban Pokemon Go from the country. 15 more countries now have the game and we look at just how big the market could grow to over time. Also in the news is just how much money Pokemon Go has made in just its first month of Launch. Nintendo also confirms the existance of a Pokemon game coming to the new NX in the first 6 months from launch!

Finally we talk about the large Pokemon Go event coming up by the Pokemon Go Canberra Facebook group and just what it takes for Josh to become a man in the world of Pokemon!

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The Mega Cast: Episode 8

This week we are joined by Dibbs! The legendary streamer from youtube, to chat about No Man’s Sky, I am Setsuna, Destiny’s latest expansion and what it’s like being a general rad youtube dude. Perko and Wilko also talk their regular shit, and Huddo is stealthy as ever.

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Battleborn News

That’s right. I’m still playing Battleborn, and I’m still loving it. To help celebrate the game-wide release of Pendles, Battleborn’s second of five free new characters, the developers have launched another Double XP Event. So if you’ve been putting in some solid hours working on getting either your Commander Rank of Character Level’s up, now is the time to do it. The Double XP Event will run from Friday, August 5th at 8AM PT through to Wednesday, August 10th at 8AM PT. For those of you here in Australia, the event is live now, and will finish 1AM Tuesday...

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The Mega PokeCast ep3: The Spoofing Police

These week it is just Peter and Josh to discuss the world of Pokemon Go and how the world is about to end and the game is dead. We report on saome Sydney and Canberra events and Pokemon spawning locations.

The main part of the podcast is given to all the changes that have happened to Pokemon Go over the past week and there have been a lot. Changes that make it harder to find and catch Pokemon and changes that will effect you if you are a runner or rider. Also we touch on the topic of GPS spoofers and we tackle the major issue the tracking system.

Finally we answer your questions and talk about some upcoming events in Canberra and the Sunshine Coast.

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The Mega Cast: Episode 7

This week on The Mega Cast, Perko, Wilko and Huddo chat about No Man’s Sky, God Eater 2 and everything else coming out in August. The guys go through the games they have been playing lately and touch on the ridiculousness that is Earth Defense Force 4.1

They discuss the Nintendo NX rumours, The release of the Xbox One S and a whole bunch of other geeky related stuff.

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