Month: July 2016

Heart&Slash Review

So, I’ve had Heart&Slash for about two weeks now, and really should have finished the review for this game well and truly. But the thing is, I have been having so much damn fun playing, that I have found it hard to tear myself away from the game. Starting its life as a Kickstarter project, Heart&Slash was developed by aheartfullofgames, and released by Badland Indie on Xbox One and PS4 back on the 24th of June. Set 100 years after the Robolution, which is this game’s version of Skynet overthrowing humanity, you play as the titular robot hero Heart....

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The Division: Underground DLC Review

I hit 200 hours in The Division on PC last night. This is not a big number by any stretch, especially when compared to the hard-core gamers, or even some of my squad-mates that I run with. The hype was real for this game 4 months ago; it broke records for biggest new franchise launch and Ubisoft’s biggest day one sales. This made it a financial success for Ubisoft and put Swedish game developer, Massive Entertainment, on the map. A few weeks in and public opinion started to change, as opposition to the game’s direction began to get louder....

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DOOM (2016) Review

Disclaimer: I purchased my own copy of DOOM (2016) because I loved the shit out of DOOM (1993) and thought I would hate it so much I might enjoy my anger. One of the oldest and most beloved franchises in gaming history has received a reboot. Or maybe it’s a sequel? Regardless of what it is, I thought it was going to suck. All of the video footage released to promote the game, except for one video in particular, had me cringing my skin off. There are still things I don’t like about it having just finished it, but...

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