So since my review, which you can see by clicking on this link, I have actually been sinking a decent amount of time into Battleborn. The Connectivity Issues I had, which was probably my biggest gripe about the game, have pretty much all been sorted through the 2K teams weekly hot-fixes. As such, I have been spending a lot more time in game, learning more and more about the lore surrounding each character.

Since its release, the team at 2K have been hard at work delivering updates and DLC for Battleborn, and earlier this week released a statement on their upcoming plans, which covers a range of both Free and Paid DLC. With that in mind, see below a summary and my thoughts on some of these upcoming changes.

5 New Heroes


Alani sure made a SPLASH when she went live

I don’t know what it is, but the heroes created for this game have some real character. The game was released with 25 playable heroes, with a planned 5 to follow to bring the roster to a grand total of 30. Alani, the first of these heroes, was released at the end of May, and I have sunk some decent time into playing her. Predominately a healer, Alani has a great range of skills that almost make her a must-play character when I jump into a online competitive play. I have started to work on unlocking all of her Lore challenges as well, which will give me more insight into her character, and why she joined the fight.

Some weird, snake-like guy with a pickaxe. Awesome!

Some weird, snake-like guy with a pickaxe. Awesome!

The second character, Pendles, was announced when Alani went live. Marketed as a friend of Alani’s, we have been told Pendles will rely on both Poison and Stealth measures to sneak up on other Heroes and do some major damage. With the DLC update on the 27th, we found out that Pendles will go live this month in July. I cannot wait to get into his skin and do some damage. After Pendles is released, that will still leave another 3 Heroes to be released. While I would love to see Nova become a playable character, I’m sure that whoever they release will be a great addition to an already large roster.


Broadcaster Mode

Hopefully coming in the next month, Broadcaster mode should be able to let you spectate the Battlefield by focusing on a single player, jumping ahead to points of contention or by simply moving around the map freely. It will be interesting to see if this is only available for a game you have joined, bringing your active team number down by 1 as you spectate, or if you will be able to jump on and watch two teams duke it out.


New PVP Maps/Modes

Currently, we have 3 different PVP modes. Incursion, where you need to destroy the opponents sentries before they destroy yours; Capture, which is all about holding a number of locations until your point score reaches the target first; And Meltdown, a mode where you need to escort mobs to a grinder to build up points, while ensuring the opponent does not do the same. Each of these PVP modes currently has two maps to choose from, and there are already players that have their favourites. The team at 2K have said that each of these modes will be getting a new map in the next few weeks, with another two new PVP modes being released during the American Fall/Winter seasons.


Lore Challenges

There is a major patch coming through on the Lore Challenges, with their requirements and how they are tracked being revamped. I think that this is a great thing. Currently, there are a few Lore Challenges that I feel are just way too difficult to unlock. For example, Galilea has a challenge where she needs to kill Ambra 25 times. Now while on the surface this doesn’t seem difficult, it becomes a pain when you realise that you don’t know who your opponents are playing as until AFTER you choose your character. I have gone through 5 matches in a row playing as Galilea where there has not been a single Ambra in the other team, only to switch my character the next game and BAM! Ambra on the other team. And I didn’t even mention that fact that i really suck at PVP, so 25 kills will be twice as hard for me.


DLC Pack 1 through 5

Attikus looks baddass

Attikus looks baddass

These DLC packs should be fun. They will each contain a new Story Operation based around of the of many Heroes. The first one will be based around Attikus, and his recount of the Thrall Rebellion. Apparently, each time you play these Operations, the story, enemies and objectives will change, making each play through more challenging and giving better rewards. Each of these Operations will also have new skins and taunts for certain heroes that can only be unlocked by playing these operations. These DLC Packs will be released throughout the rest of the year, with the first two coming through the American Summer.


Check out the full article from 2K here, and let me know your thoughts! If you play regularly, hit me up on PS4 for a game or two! My PSN ID is Baelthus – I look forward t seeing you around Solus!