So, half the year is down, and we have entered into what I feel is my favourite month, July. My favouritism of this month has nothing at all to do with the fact that the month contains my birthday, and everything to do with it just generally being an awesome month.

July seems to sit in a bit of a Limbo for the gaming realm; We’ve just come through E3, and seen what the next year in Gaming has to offer. But the majority of these games are still at least a few months out, so we are left waiting.

With that said, check out some of the releases that the Ultra Super Mega team are looking forward to in July!


The Games

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (PS4) – Friday, 1st July

Star Ocean 3, was one of my favourite RPG’s back when the PS2 was the epitome of gaming, and if this is anything like that then I will probably fall in love with the Star Ocean franchise once again. – Mitchell Townley

Incredibly excited for this game. Star Ocean: The Last Word was one of the most underrated RPG’s to get released on the PS3. Keen to get my hands on this and sick a solid 80 hours into its fantastic world. – Mathew Perkins


Mighty No. 9 (PS4, XBOne) – Friday, 8th July

After a 2 year delay and a secondary kickstarter, it’s a fucking miracle this game even exists. I haven’t played it yet, however based on initial reports and the fact that this game will be compared to the early Mega Man games, my expectations, are not high. – Mathew Perkins

“I believe those expectation are still too high Matthew” -Peter Wilkinson


Carmageddon: Max Damage (PS4, XBOne) – Friday, 8th July

Oh man, I loved the old Carmageddon games. Originally introduced to me by my older brother, I sunk a lot of hours into these games on PC. I really hope that this next installment bring back some of that nostalgia and fun times – Josh Perkins

Following the Success of Carmageddon: ReinCARnation, released on Steam in 2014, the team behind the world’s premier auto-CARnage franchise are at it again with over 30 vehicles to drive like a fucking maniac. I’ll be doing my best to pick this up and relive my teenage years. – Mathew Perkins


Ghostbusters (PS4, XBOne) – Tuesday, 12th July

I grew up with the original Ghostbusters movies. They were awesome. Sadly, the last Ghostbusters game in played in 2009 on the PS3 left a lot to be desired. Hopefully this one will do better. – Josh Perkins

Josh is an idiot (He’s my brother, I’m allowed to call him that), the last Ghostbusters game was great, and the original cast have actually stated that it was the closest to a Ghostbusters 3 we were ever going to get. I refuse to acknowledge anything to do with the latest movie and I will continue to live my life with the internal thought that it does not exist, and neither does this game. – Mathew Perkins


Monster Hunter: Generations (Nintendo 3DS) – Saturday, 16th July

I’ve played a few Monster Hunger games over the past few years, and surprisingly enjoyed myself each time. Sadly, I no longer have a 3DS. Hopefully I will pick one up again soon, and can enjoy some more time in the MH Universe! – Josh Perkins

I have been playing the Monster Hunter games since they were released on the PS2 waaaaayyy back in 2005, and pretty much every MH game since. So I will be saying goodbye to a few hundred hours of my life. Definitely looking forward to it. – Mitchell Townley

KEEEEEEN! – Mathew Perkins


I Am Setsuna (PS4, Steam) – Tuesday, 19th July

The JRPG of the year!!! Haha but in all seriousness, I am beyond hyped for this game. A JRPG which will be reminiscent of 90’s RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, should get the nostalgia pumping. – Mitchell Townley


We Happy Few (XBOne Preview, Steam Early Access) – Tuesday 26th of July

One of the breakouts from E3 2016 for its art direction and its feel. Demanding much stage time during the Microsoft Conference this little title looks like it could be addictive and curious as the Original Bioshock. What has hooked everyone in the crazy storyline in the narrative driven portion of the game but what will be tested in this preview program is the procedural section of the game that will keep you coming back for more.

Obviously buyer beware with a preview or early access game but if you’re looking for something to replace that Bioshock itch maybe it is worth the early investment. – Peter Wilkinson


The Movies

Ghostbusters – Thursday, 14th July

As I stated earlier, I loved the original Ghostbusters. I’m going to reserve judgement on this movie, though. Hopefully it won’t disappoint! – Josh Perkins

This movie does not exist. If we, as a society, refuse to acknowledge its existence, and no one goes to see it, Hollywood might stop rebooting and ruining beloved franchises. – Mathew Perkins

Really, already? Still feels like yesterday the internet burnt down when this was announced. I agree with both Perko’s here, stop rebooting but I am interested to see what we get. Seems like good pedigree but still the question persists of why? – Peter Wilkinson


Star Trek Beyond

Eeeeeeee! Man, I am a massive Trekkie. Introduced to me by my Mother, for which I will be ever thankful, I have seen all of the TV Shows and the Movies. These last reboot movies have been amazing, and I cannot wait to see this! Sadly, we have recently lost one of the young stars of this amazing trilogy, Anton Yelchin. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. – Josh Perkins

That dude died and that is sad. – Mathew Perkins

So I am not a Star trek fan at all, but since the release of JJ Abrams first Star Trek film in 2009, I have started to really enjoy the franchise. The first two movies I really enjoyed, so I am hoping that this will also be a great addition to the trilogy. – Mitchell Townley


Jason Bourne – Thursday 28th July

These movies have always intrigued me. Still one of the best gaming movies i have ever watched. Well it should be if it was a Hitman tie in. The new one is once again seems a strange move but i guess if you want quick cash why not. Regardless i am happy to spend a much needed date night to go out and see how many different ways Matt Damon can kill someone – Peter Wilkinson

I’ve really enjoyed the Jason Bourne movies, and have even picked up and read some of the books. While I’m not sure where they will go after the last movie with Mat Damon, I’m excited to see it none the less. – Josh Perkins


The Shows

Haven Expo – Saturday, 2nd July

This will be my first Haven Expo! I am so excited for this. I have tried to attend each other year, but sadly something has come up each time that has forced me to miss out. But not this time! I’ll be there representing Ultra Super Mega, so come say Hi! – Josh Perkins

Ahh Haven, Cosplay, beers, some great panels and great people. This is my second year going and I could not be more excited for it. I will see you all there. – Mitchell Townley


As always, this isn’t quite a complete list of everything happening during July, but just what caught our eye. Let us know your thoughts on these in the comments, or if there was something we missed that you can’t wait to see or play!