Month: July 2016

Grand Kingdom Review

  Video Game hype, it can become a developer’s best friend, or their worst enemy. Underhyped games can fly under the radar, never getting the attention they deserve. Games that generate the correct amount of hype in regards to their own prowess, generally favour quite well in terms of sales and games that are overhyped to shit, have the potential to disappoint legions of adoring fanboys that gave in to the months and sometimes years of pre-release hysteria and pre-conceived their own hype fuelled expectations. With so much hype surrounding releases of games in today’s hyped as fuck world,...

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The 3rd Brisbane Video Game & Pop Culture Market

Brisbane is a funny place. Despite being the capital of Queensland and over 2 million people calling it ‘home’, despite the hustle and bustle of Queen Street during Christmas and the sheer insanity that is the Eat Street markets on a Friday night. I have always felt that Brisbane retained the small town charm that exists in all of the other fruit bat ridden boroughs, north of the capital. Brisbane, at its heart, is a country city. So maybe it’s a little bit of that, or maybe it’s the fact that EBay (and other online buy/swap/sell groups) have more or less destroyed the retro gaming bargain hunting...

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NBA 2K17 Will Include Australian Boomers as Playable Team

Exciting news out of 2K and Basketball Australia this morning! The Australian Boomers will be featured as a playable team in the award winning NBA franchise from Visual Concepts. This is the first time a national team (other than team USA) has appeared in the NBA 2K series of games since its inception way back in 1999. As it stands, the lineup will consist of the following home-grown talent David Andersen Cameron Bairstow Aron Baynes Andrew Bogut Ryan Broekhoff Matthew Dellavedova Dante Exum Chris Goulding Joe Ingles Kevin Lisch Damian Martin Patrick Mills Brock Motum Anthony Moore, CEO of Basketball Australia...

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Dangerous Golf Review

Dangerous Golf released on Consoles and PC on the June 3rd 2016. Dangerous Golf launched at the bargain price of $26.95 AUD on PSN and Xbox live while on steam it was $19.99 USD. As I am writing this Playstation players with PS Plus get a further 37% discount which makes the game a steal. The game has only come to digital stores to date. Dangerous Golf is Developed by UK based developer Three Fields Entertainment. The game can be played solo, Co-op or multiplayer both online and offline. Dangerous Golf is a physics based puzzle game that will...

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Heart&Slash Review

So, I’ve had Heart&Slash for about two weeks now, and really should have finished the review for this game well and truly. But the thing is, I have been having so much damn fun playing, that I have found it hard to tear myself away from the game. Starting its life as a Kickstarter project, Heart&Slash was developed by aheartfullofgames, and released by Badland Indie on Xbox One and PS4 back on the 24th of June. Set 100 years after the Robolution, which is this game’s version of Skynet overthrowing humanity, you play as the titular robot hero Heart....

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