Well, here we are.

We are now days away from the biggest event on the yearly gaming calendar. E3 will be held in a matter of days, where thousands of lucky souls will flood Los Angeles, and get a chance to visually feast upon the majesty that is E3.

Held over 3 magical days, E3 gives developers and publishers the chance to come out and wow the industry, and secure that much needed support from their fan base for that next upcoming release or new hardware. Sadly, as the show is held on the other side of the world, us poor folk in Australia will need to interrupt our sleep patterns to catch all the action from the Live Press Conferences.

But do not fret! Thanks to our tireless leader, the Big Bad Dad himself Mathew, we have done the math and converted all of the press conference times from their local time to Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can see the Australian times by clicking here.

Let us know what you are most excited to see at E3, and what you hope might be revealed, in the comments below!

And don’t forget to check back throughout the Show, as we give you our thoughts on the news coming from this once-a-year magical time.