My biggest contention with No Man’s Sky thus far is that there hasn’t been any demonstration of what it is that you actually do that would convince me to play it. Sure, there’s a googleplex planets or something like that that no one will ever be able to visit in their entirety. Sure, there’s totally different creatures and environments to explore on those myriad planets. But now we have proof that you can do more than just explore and maybe shoot harmless or not so harmless wildlife.

Courtesy of IGN we have a good chunk of footage which shows some real nitty gritty details. You’ll need to explore your immediate surroundings and gather resources to upgrade pretty much everything in your possession, ship, suit and weapon to be precise. Trading with the alien races on the surface of the various planets or killing them and stealing their stuff is another means to the same end and of course the reason you want to do this is to upgrade your ship enough so that you can get to the center of the galaxy. There’s no mention of how long it will take anyone on a “normal” playthrough but I imagine it will take a long, long time.

On most of the planets you’ll visit are relics and monoliths that feed you pieces of alien language and possibly many other things like background lore and the like. Hopefully there aren’t any that summon anything from the 23rd nebula but considering the sinister appearance of the apparently benign statue that was shown in the video I can’t be sure.

The freighters and space station shown in the clip also piqued my interest. Can I buy a freighter and fly that or something equally large? Can I own a space station and tax every poor sod that flies into it? These questions and many more will remain unanswered until the games release on June 21st.