More good news on the Warhammer front in the form of giant, hellish dragon ogres!

Originally, the Chaos Warriors were only going to be included in the game for free if you were to pre-order but if you buy the game within the first week of its release you will also get access to the faction without having to pay for them separately later on as DLC. Now that may not sound like a bad deal unless you’ve been keeping track of Creative Assembly’s track record lately. They make absolutely fantastic strategy games, just not all the time. Hopefully the fact that they are working with another companies intellectual property will give them the push they may have needed to get it right. They’re also owned by Sega who bought the rights to the Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War RTS series which has been a great, so shaping up to match that effort could be another incentive to really polish this release but more on that later…

Below you’ll see a video depicting the Chaos Warriors at the height of their powers and the formidable Dwarves going at it like their lives depend on it. Which they do.

The beautiful snow capped, craggy mountains belie the grim natureĀ of what takes place in the valley below. For those of you who don’t watch the whole thing, let’s just say one side comes up short.