The guys at Analogue have done some good work reviving the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), even going so far as to make a solid gold version¬†which has already sold out at the going rate of $5000US(!). They’re also making great headway with interfacing the old system with new parts. Now they have developed a wireless dongle that let’s you use modern console controllers with everyone’s favourite retro console! I probably like the Playstation 3 controller a little too much but I still love the idea of using one to play Mario (and in fact do using a totally legitimate emulator…)

Not only have they removed the fear of children and animals tripping on cords tightly strung between couch and TV but they’ve also made your old NES compatible with a huge range of controllers which includes 8bitdo’s extensive range of retro styled hand sets. Xbox fans might be a bit miffed as there doesn’t appear to be any support for those particular controllers, however.

The adapter itself goes for $20US which is about $25AU at the time of writing. Controllers are of course sold separately.