The Wii U will allegedly halt production of new units in 2016. Effectively putting an end to the consoles troubled life.

The cancellation news came in the form of a report from Japanese newspaper ‘The Nikkei’. The newspaper goes on to state that while the Wii U is being cancelled, it’s successor, codenamed the Nintendo NX is due to be released this year.


While halting production seems to be the final nail in the Wii U’s coffin, it does not mean that the console will disappear completely. It is more likely that Nintendo wants to burn through the remaining warehouses of Wii U stock, before releasing the NX to the public. So while 2016 may see the production death of the very underrated console, it is more likely that 2017 will be the actual year of the Nintendo Wii U’s demise, and the Nintendo NX’s rise.

Let’s just hope the Nintendo NX is fully backwards compatible. Because there are some DAMN good Wii U games out there and it really is a shame that only 4 people on earth own a Wii U.