It’s Tuesday! And if you are as furious as I am that it’s still too far away from Friday, then maybe some gratuitous violence will make you feel better?

Doom’s multiplayer modes have been revealed!

Soul Harvest – A ‘Kill Confirmed’ type deathmatch, in which you must collect a players soul after killing them. This mode also allows a single player to transform into a demon by collecting a randomly spawning Demon Rune. There can only be a single Demon on the map at any one stage, Demon’s get 2 souls for every player they kill and if the Demon dies, then he drops 5 souls.

Team Deathmatch – Does this seriously need to be explained anymore?

Freeze Tag – remember playing freeze tag with your friends in primary school? If you didn’t have any friends, then allow me to explain. Instead of ‘dying’ when another player shoots you in the face, you become frozen. If a team mate can come along and unfreeze you, within a certain amount of time then hooray! You live! If not, then yeah… you ded m8.

Warpath – King of the Hill with a constantly moving capture point.

Domination – 3 capture points with a randomly spawning Demon Rune.

Clan Arena – Oh baby. No health or armor regen, all powerups removed from the map. No respawns and none of those Demon Runes. If you ever fucked around for 15 hours trying to get a lan connection stable enough to play Doom on the school computers in the late 90’s, then this is the mode for you!